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  • Dalling, James W.; Barkan, Phoebe; Bellingham, Peter J.; Healey, John R.; Tanner, Edmund V. J. (2011-10-14)
    Podocarps are a frequent, but rarely a dominant, component of neotropical wet forests extending from South America into central Mexico and the Greater Antilles. Although podocarps are often considered to be predominantly ...
  • Cernusak, Lucas A.; Adie, Hylton; Bellingham, Peter J.; Biffin, Edward; Brodribb, Timothy J.; Coomes, David A.; Dalling, James W.; Dickie, Ian A.; Enright, Neal J.; Kitayama, Kanehiro; Ladd, Philip G.; Lambers, Hans; Lawes, Michael J.; Lusk, Christopher H.; Morley, Robert J.; Turner, Benjamin L. (2011-10-14)
    The Podocarpaceae comprises 18 genera and about 173 species of evergreen, coniferous trees and shrubs. It is the most successful gymnosperm family in angiosperm-dominated tropical forests (Brodribb, this volume). Podocarps are ...
  • Coomes, David A.; Bellingham, Peter J. (2011-10-14)
    With few exceptions, podocarps are specialists of nutrient-poor soils within temperate and tropical rainforests. They are locally abundant in some tropical mountains, especially near the tree line, and in the lowland tropics ...

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