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  • Lusk, Christopher H. (2011-10-14)
    Worldwide, conifers are most successful on sites subject to chronic stresses that limit productivity (low temperatures, nutrient poverty, poor drainage). They are poorly represented in the lowland tropics but are often ...
  • Royer, Dana L.; Sack, Lawren; Wilf, Peter; Lusk, Christopher H.; Jordan, Gregory J.; Niinemets, Ulo; Wright, Ian J.; Westoby, Mark; Cariglino, Barbara; Coley, Phyllis D.; Cutter, Asher D.; Johnson, Kirk R.; Labandeira, Conrad; Moles, Angela T.; Palmer, Matthew B.; Valladares, Fernando (2007)
  • Cernusak, Lucas A.; Adie, Hylton; Bellingham, Peter J.; Biffin, Edward; Brodribb, Timothy J.; Coomes, David A.; Dalling, James W.; Dickie, Ian A.; Enright, Neal J.; Kitayama, Kanehiro; Ladd, Philip G.; Lambers, Hans; Lawes, Michael J.; Lusk, Christopher H.; Morley, Robert J.; Turner, Benjamin L. (2011-10-14)
    The Podocarpaceae comprises 18 genera and about 173 species of evergreen, coniferous trees and shrubs. It is the most successful gymnosperm family in angiosperm-dominated tropical forests (Brodribb, this volume). Podocarps are ...

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